International Project Development

Project Externalization
Qohelet Solar promotes several projects in countries with “feed in tariff” payment systems, and in countries with competitive PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements); these projects are focused on Europe and Latin America:

  • Promotion: Qohelet Solar promotes different installation types depending on our clients’ needs. We adapt our configuration to the requirements of each country.
  • Engineering, EPC, construction management, health and safety, control of works, processing of permits and authorizations: Qohelet Solar relies on a broad international infrastructure to carry out these activities.
  • Operation and Maintenance:
    • Maintenance
      • Surveillance
      • Preventive Maintenance
      • Corrective Maintenance
    • Procedures
      • Visual Inspection
      • Test Function Control
      • Improvements and Updates
      • Safety and Protection Elements
      • Production Analysis & Statistics Control
    • Repair
      • Solar Installations Repair
        • Integral Repair
        • Warranties
      • Repair of Photovoltaic Inverters
    • Monitoring
      • Installation Visualization and Control
        • Production (statistics)
        • Operation Alerts (production)
        • Status Alerts (installation integrity)
      • Control Situation
        • Local and remote (GSM, GPRS, IP, LAN … )
  • Qohelet Solar applies research and development to enhance solar plant production, optimizing investments in each country. Having company-owned plants allows us to perform tests and trials in our operating installations, in order to apply the best solutions for our clients.

Global business connection concept